jlDigitalMarketing offers Consulting & Ideation.  We can be an objective third party and help you with a quick marketing review, or take a more active role and run a team building or ideation and planning session.  Let us know how we can be of service.

Consulting & Ideation

Business People Outdoors Holding Question MarksYou may find that you need on-call resources to lend a hand or provide some guidance on an occasional basis.  But keeping a team on retainer for the times that you need them is a huge waste.  With jlDigital, you are able to have an on-demand team ready to assist.  Whether for a quick POV on a marketing opportunity or an entire marketing plan.  A graphics search or a new website build.  We can scale to help on a level that meets your needs.


Multiethnic Group of People with Idea ConceptsIf there is one rule about coming up with a new idea, it’s that there are no rules.  But one thing we do know is that most of us ideate better in certain environments. the jlDigital team can help set up a creative and dynamic atmosphere for tackling an issue or simply looking in new directions.