Digital marketing modules work together like a hive – the buzz happens across and between the digital modules of your marketing mix.  No longer can you rely on a linear customer experience – instead your customers experience your brand in clusters and globs.  The honey is made in having the right mix of digital marketing modules.

So what is the right mix for your business?

First, we need to understand the role of each module in your mix against the goals and objectives.  For example, does your social media marketing (SMM) take on the role of Customer Service or Support?  Twitter and Facebook take on a completely different attitude when they are customer service channels compared to a strategy where the SMM is designed to give your business a more promotional edge or a more human touch – a presence to which the customer can better relate.

Second what is the balance in your marketing mix?  One key aspect of digital is the ability to be a ubiquitous presence for you and your business.  But let’s work together to create the appropriate balance between the different modules in order to maintain cohesion and a brand point of view.

And finally, what is the message your customers will be responding to across the modules.  The messages should not be cookie-cuttered across the modules, but tailored for the idiosyncrasies of each module.  For example, if your message point is “our company is green” (as in organic, not as in Kermit) think about the different applications of that message point across the digital mix.