Digital Marketing Modules can feel as straightforward as String Theory…

The world of digital need not be so overwhelming. But the comparison to string theory is pretty accurate. Every module in digital impacts – and is impacted by – every other. The days of the linear customer journey is no longer. This forces businesses to consider all the ways a customer can interact with their brand, and ensure that every interaction can lead to another.

So how do you maintain the customer lifeline without the risk of fragmentation?

Fotolia_48346711_XSA1. Understand the job description.
Each digital module needs to have a role in the marketing mix. For example, is your Facebook page designed to create a more personal connection to leaders in your business? Are your emails creating an authoritative point of view for your audience? And does your website legitimize you? This is the most important – and sometimes the most difficult – part of your digital marketing plan.

2. Look behind the curtain.
While it’s not very feasible to understand all the algorithms and math inside the search cloud, it is important to take the key steps in order to give your web presence the best possible chance of getting found. With tools that are designed to analyze search term trends, you can find certain terms that reflect your business attributes, then ensure your content supports.

business woman in the image mime holding tablet PC3. Be your own customer.
The best way to understand the customer path to your brand is to become your own customer. This may seem academic, but you might be surprised at how many business owners don’t look at their businesses from their customers’ point of view. This is true regardless of the size of the company. Start by putting yourself at the top of the funnel and begin as you expect your customer to begin and go through the entire purchase funnel. Remember, sometimes the best customer test is customer #1 – you.

You do not have to be an expert in every area of digital if you keep these three points in mind. By treating your own business like you are the customer, by understanding a little bit about search and understanding the basics of the role of digital modules, you are going to gain powerful insights about your business and competition.